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    Phung Hoang Hotel is an international standard 3-star hotel, located on the 1A Highway in the center/heart of Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province. The Hotel, that is near the (Railway) Station, Bus stop, Market and Post Office, is convenient for accommodation.




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Phung Hoang Hotel

Phung Hoang Hotel is very pleasure to welcome guests in 50 spacious, cool, and privated rooms with 3-star international standards.Phung Hoang includes 4 VIP rooms with international standards having welcomed Government leaders and politicians from Laos, Thailand, US, China...

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Phung Hoang‘s restaurant services many different, delicious Vietnamese, European and Asian cuisines. That made Phung Hoang (Phoenix) Hotel became a credibility address for domestic and foreign tourists whenever coming to Quang Tri. With capacity of 400 guests, the restaurant serves parties, festivals, birthday parties, weddings, conferences... by enthusiastic, polite and well train / experienced cooks and staff. Leanr More...
Phung Hoang’s Meeting Hall with modern and beautiful architectures and capacity of 400 seats is suitable for conferences, seminars, trainings... The hall includes perfect air-conditioner, sound and light that suits to not only conferences but relax as well. Besides, Phung Hoang owns a small 100-seat-Meeting Hall with air-conditioning and wireless internet systems giving guests more choices. Leanr More...


Phung Hoang Hotel has cars with seats from 4 and 7 to 12 for transporting passengers from sights as well as nearby airport. In addition, the Hotel has received the cargo at the request of guest and hire self-drive 4; 5 and 7 seat cars. And Other Service: Tourgaide, Tour, Canoping, DMZ tour, Visa, Laundry, Airplane tickits, Change, Phone, Treatmet... Leanr More...